We are a ragtag group of makers, home sewists and organizers stitched together by the common thread of wanting to contribute to health and humanity in these trying times.

To this end, we are working to help our incredible health care professionals extend their current rationed supply of N95 masks and help when/if their supply runs out. We also plan to support individuals and families caring for sick loved ones at home, immunocompromised people and other high risk folks, as well as health care professionals from home health to our local hospitals.

We are based out of West Virginia, though the network of those that contribute extends well beyond our borders. While we are prioritizing local and regional need, we understand the demand is great across the nation and welcome all inquiries.

Lastly, we know homemade masks are not as effective as N95 and other medical grade masks, but they are better than nothing in the shortage situation that we are currently facing. If you have unused, sealed surgical masks or N95 masks at home, consider donating them to a local healthcare facility.

You can collaborate with us in a multitude of ways!

You can join the force, donate, and/or increase our visibility by sharing within your own network. 

To request masks please contact us.

With a whole lot of fierce love,

—-NellieRose, Brittany, & Grace