Before starting down the road of making masks for yourself and others. Please check out this great resource of best practices:

All of our preferred patterns include a pocket so additional filtration can be added.


  • 100% cotton is required for main and lining fabric
    • Main: tight weave like quilting fabric, duck canvas or denim
    • Lining: tight weave cotton like quilting fabric or cotton flannel (supposedly the filtration is even better w/ flannel but not recommended for small kids as it might be more difficult for them to breathe through.)
    • Pro Tip: Masks will be washed and sterilized, so laundering, drying, and ironing fabric before making masks will prevent shrinkage.
  • Straps
    • ¼” elastic or elastic cord is easiest to use
    • Fabric straps sewn into each corner work as well, and may hold up better to repeated laundering
    • Pro Tip: If you have slightly thinner or wider elastic, you can adjust the width of the elastic casing on whichever pattern you are using to better fit what you have.
  • Filter Materials (if available):
    • Nonwoven, melt blown material is best. We are currently working on acquiring some but don’t yet have access to any. Let us know if you have any leads!
    • Alternatives: vacuum bags (may be difficult to breathe through), coffee filters, other masks.

Disclaimer: These face masks are not medical grade or meant to replace the surgical face mask or N95. They are intended as a contingency option for those with no access to proper PPE or are running on a limited supply. Proper use of a surgical mask is still the best way to prevent virus infection.